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Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Excel at your medical MMI interview with these tips

MMI interviews are becoming increasingly more popular with medical schools but are feared by medical applicants as they are an unfamiliar format. The combination of a nervousness and having to rotate stations every 7 minutes can be very challenging. Here at Apex Medicine, we have vast experience with the MMI interview and believe that our tips below will help you succeed.

step 1: find out which medical schools use the MMI Format

In the UK, many medical schools have transitioned from the traditional panel interview to the MMI as they believe that it reflects the medical workplace more accurately. These universities use MMI when interview medical students:

  • Aberdeen

  • Anglia Ruskin

  • Birmingham

  • Brighton and Sussex

  • Bristol

  • Cardiff

  • Dundee

  • Exeter

  • Hull York

  • Keele

  • King's College London

  • Lancaster

  • Leeds

  • Leicester

  • Liverpool

  • Manchester

  • Newcastle

  • Norwich (UEA)

  • Nottingham

  • Plymouth

  • Queen's Belfast

  • Sheffield

  • St Andrews

  • St George's

  • Warwick

If you are applying to one of these medical schools, it is a good idea to start preparing early - the best applicants start practising before interview offers are issued.

step 2: FIND OUT your target university's MMI Format

The MMI is a popular format for medical school interviews because it is highly variable. Each medical school has its own format - for example, the number of stations and how long each station lasts.

Some universities will have a presentation session that you will be given time to prepare for before the interview.

Leicester University requests that applicants prepare a spider diagram about yourself with a 75 word limit and have 8 stations per MMI circuit.

Step 3: Research common medical interview questions

Most medical interviews will be based on a few core topics. Interviewers look for candidates who are prepared as this demonstrates enthusiasm and dedication. Common topics include medical ethics, strengths and weaknesses, NHS hot topics and motivation to study medicine.

For more details about common interview questions, read this post.


Once you have familiarised yourself with the MMI format, form a group with other medical school applicants to practice common stations. Most students would not have been assessed on role play and ethical scenarios before, so ensure that you practise these scenarios thoroughly before interview day.

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