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Updated: Dec 24, 2018

While many medical schools have moved away from the traditional panel interview, it is still highly valued by Oxbridge and many Russell Group universities. Panel interviews can be daunting as you are faced with a group 3 or more interviewers who will take turns asking you questions. Our medical panel interview tips will help you stand out from the crowd:

STEP 1: Does your target medical school use the panel interview format?

Many medical schools have moved to the MMI format - see which schools have here.

Some traditional universities such as UCL, Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge still use the panel interview. Knowing which universities use the panel interview is vital to allow you to tailor your preparation to the interview format.

STEP 2: practise effective body language

“Confidence is key”

The traditional panel interview is less dynamic than the MMI interview. Interviewers may speak to up to 10 applicants in a half day session and are not immune to boredom! To ensure that you captivate the interviewers, use your body language to show enthusiasm and non-verbal communication skills.

Ensure that you make eye contact with every member of the panel. Practise having a confident but relaxed posture. Most importantly, smile!

STEP 3: Prepare for the most common medical interview questions

Panel interviews are often based off a loose script of questions to ensure consistency between interviews. Medical interviews are almost always based on a few core topics such as:

  • Why medicine?

  • Why this medical school?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Ethical scenarios

  • NHS current issues

Think of examples for the different and personal attributes questions. Get feedback from friends and family to avoid using clichéd answers.

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